• Computer Science For School Administers I’ll never forget the recap of my first formal observation as a teacher. The principal, a highly educated man with multiple advanced degrees, told me “in every other subject I observe, even language courses where I don’t speak the language, I understand what is going on in class. I had no idea what was going on in your [computer science] class.” Fortunately for me the principal also observed that my students did understand what was going on and were clearly learning. But this could have been a disaster for me. Unfortunately having school administrators who don’t understand computer science or how to teach it is a disaster for all too many teachers.Recently I heard from a ...
    Posted Sep 30, 2013, 3:30 AM by Arie Wels
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  • Innovation in Teaching and Learning Think Date Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:00 am EDT — Tue Aug 27, 2013 1:00 pm EDT Join us here on Tuesday, August 27th for the Innovation in Teaching and Learning Think Tank live stream coming from Tennessee. A day of listening, collaboration and discussion hosted by Williamson County Schools, Dell and Intel. Live stream from 9am - 12pm CDT. Follow #DoMoreEDU and @DellEDU for updates.
    Posted Aug 14, 2013, 10:33 AM by Arie Wels
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  • Smackdown: Resources Shared at 2013 School Administrators of Iowa Conference I had the privilege yesterday of leading the Smackdown at the 38th Annual School Administrators of Iowa Conference.The links and resources were flying furiously, and we did our best to capture them all:Tools:SweetSearch, A Search Engine for Students, via @AngelaMaiersYourSphere, a community platform that helps students connect, create & share their work via @AngelaMaiersCommon Sense Media. digital citizenship curriculum for students, reviews & advice for adultsHello Slide – give voice to your presentations via @jenwoodley24Voki, talking avatars, useful for ESLRemind101, safe textingFlipBoard, social magazineMobyMax, vocabulary developmentFlash Panel, Cloud Management for Google Apps  via @jenwoodley24Blue Jeans Video Collaboration in the Cloud via @jenwoodley24http://www.graphite.org/#.UgOdh9iCdaE.twitter Ingredients for Effective ...
    Posted Aug 14, 2013, 11:26 AM by Arie Wels
  • Innovation in Real-Time “Teaching people to produce innovative work, off-the-chart insights, and yes, art is time-consuming and unpredictable. Drill and practice and fear, on the other hand, are powerful tools for teaching facts and figures and obedience. Sure, we need school and we need teachers. The thing is that we need a school organized around teaching people to believe, and teachers who are rewarded for doing their best work, not the most predictable work.”Excerpt From: Godin, Seth. “Linchpin.”The following video illustrates what can happen when we believe in kids, trust the process, and then and get out of the way…..
    Posted Jul 27, 2013, 1:32 AM by Arie Wels
  • Innovation is not a project; it’s an invitation In February I was honored to participate in Dell’s Innovation in Education Think Tank at the Texas Association of School Administrators 2013 Conference. It was a great day of learning.CLICK HERE to see a clip in which I discuss why innovation is not a one-time project.CLICK HERE for a second clip in which I discuss what children want from teachers. In the clip below, all of the panelists share their takeaways.
    Posted Jul 27, 2013, 1:32 AM by Arie Wels
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  • Public Education: Can Marketing Fix What Funding Can’t? The issue of public education funding has frustrated Americans for decades; education is an important slice of the public resource pie as billions of dollars have been invested into public schools to try and fix student outcomes. In fact, in some cities, there have been thousands of dollars allocated per pupil. Shouldn’t all this money somehow improve public education? Shouldn’t there be a link between increased funds and test scores? Shouldn’t money spent on classrooms open doors for new and revolutionary resources to enter a classroom? Many Americans attribute a lack of quality education to school funding yet cannot unravel the mystery of the weak link between public funds and student success. Further, personnel and administration in ...
    Posted Aug 5, 2013, 3:42 PM by Kushaan Shah
  • 4 Ways The “Hacker School” Is Changing Education Like many things in life, education is not a black or white matter. Despite all our advancements in technology, there is no formula that can compute the exact resources we need to provide an optimal experience for all students, no device we can use to measure the precise amount of passion a student has for a subject, and no machine that can measure exactly how effective teachers are. The closest we can come is qualitative observation and the quantitative instruments like grades and standardized tests. Educators and schools are working everyday to come closer to the ideal “educational approach”.One such example is the “The Hacker School”. The Hacker School is a three-month, full-time school for programmers in ...
    Posted Jul 29, 2013, 6:03 AM by Kushaan Shah
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  • Gaming, Coding & Makey Makey Enrichment What an awesome way to spend a week of summer. Students, driven by their interest and passion to engage in Gaming, Coding, & Makey Makey signed up for Summer Enrichment Camp! This was a huge risk for me as I am far from an expert on gaming, coding & Makey Makey. I provided the week long class opportunity and quickly realized that the students owned the learning. My plan was to expose them to Minecraft, Scratch & Makey Makey. On the first day of class, I surveyed the students and found out that all students were playing Minecraft and we could learn much from each other. Many used scratch previously with varying levels of success. One student came to camp with his own ...
    Posted Aug 23, 2015, 3:20 PM by JoAnn Delaney
  • Beauty Within the SELFIE Inspired by #Beauty Is... Campaign Dove's Selfie Video, Beauty Within the SELFIE I AM BEAUTIFUL was created to empower young girls self-concept in the school setting. This powerful experience with DAUGHTERS and MOTHERS/MENTORS was life changing!Evite.comEvent coverageWe kicked off the event viewing a Powerful Music Video Photoshop... we discussed how we feel about beauty and pondered... What message are we sending to young girls about their beauty?I asked for the Moms/Mentors to share their passion and to tell if they followed it or not. I asked for Moms/Mentors to share a bit of advice with their Daughter/Mentee.After viewing "The Selfie" we polled Moms/Mentors to see how many ...
    Posted Jul 29, 2014, 11:08 AM by JoAnn Delaney
  • Keystones Technology Innovators~STARS Summit~ http://keystonespa.org/about-us/http://www.paect.org/http://www.eduspire.org/keystoneshttp://www.hazlet.org/Page/6049Day 1: INNOVATEArrived and ready to begin a week of learning and engaging with the states top tech leaders! Keystones STARS — at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.My home for the next week...Ready to tour campus...Treated to a luau picnic dinner and sometime to collaborate with new friends!Hall Davidson, our Keynote Speaker was fantastic!!! He demonstrated examples using Google Glass, Augmented Reality, 3D Printing and LEAP! I even got to try out Google Glass and do a search! Very cool technology! Collaborated in our passion cohorts--a passion for creating a connected global learning environment. We shared ...
    Posted Jul 23, 2014, 8:39 PM by JoAnn Delaney
  • Design Thinkers "Is chaos discouraged? It's about who comes up with the best ideas. Forget the way it used to be. Get ready for the deep dive, the secret weapon for innovation." Observation, tinkering, collaboration, communication, and research are part of the process my students do because they wonder and it's fun. It was IDEO's design process and my personal teacher toolbox that brought a Design Thinkers playground into my classroom.6th grade middle school students in a public setting are being immersed in DESIGN THINKING through myriad of opportunities that happen in Room 14. I should not be amazed by the popularity of my high interest maker space. Students thrive on options for learning that require inquiry, constructed ...
    Posted Feb 15, 2014, 10:24 PM by JoAnn Delaney
  • Teacher's Passion I matter! 2 simple words that I was inspired to have my students chant from their heart after hearing Angela Maiers! I matter! 2 simple words I wanted my students to feel as they lived their passion during Genius Hour. I matter! 2 simple words that students beamed as they changed the world in their own special way. Today, as I "Think Outside The Storm," the teacher is called on to share her passion. My passion is having a profound world changing impact on every student! As I feverishly posted Vine videos and posts showing the enormous power children hold to change the world, I found myself driven with excitement! As a result of providing my students with the gift ...
    Posted Feb 14, 2014, 10:48 AM by JoAnn Delaney
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